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Type 2 diabetes treatments

There are drugs formulated to treat type 2 diabetes, but most of the effective ways of addressing this disease are not found in pills.
Long-lasting treatment for type 2 diabetes can be found in regularly practicing healthy habits and making lifestyle changes.
Eating a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and healthy weight maintenance are all natural ways to treat type 2 diabetes.
Here are ways you can control your diabetes by making positive lifestyle changes.

Improve Your Diet

One way to treat diabetes and keep its symptoms at bay is to keep a close watch on your diet. An example of menus a type 2 diabetic patient should choose includes fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean meats, whole grains and fiber-rich diet. A diabetic patient should be wary of glycemic rich foods as it could increase the body’s glucose level.
If possible, avoid fast foods because of the high trans-fat content, high sodium, and refined carbs. These food types are not healthy for type 2 diabetic patients because it could lead to overweight and affect the heart.

Lose Weight — Especially Belly Fat

Blood sugar level can be reduced by losing some pounds of weight, and it would help to keep diabetes under check. You don’t have to do too much to have an impact; by losing 10 to 15 pounds can reduce your blood sugar level. Mathematically, dropping between 5 to 7 percent body weight can reduce your risk of having type 2 diabetes.
Belly fat also affects your ability to manage diabetes as it increases your chances of having type 2 diabetes. So, you need to look for exercises that will help to reduce belly fat.

Exercise Regularly

With regular exercise, your chance of having type 2 diabetes is further reduced, and if you already have, it will help to keep it under control.
Engaging in physical activities helps your muscle contracts to pump glucose away from the blood into the cells. High-intensity interval training is often recommended for diabetes patients as it helps to lose weight and control blood glucose level.

Control Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common health condition affecting most type 2 diabetic patients who are overweight. Sleep apnea is a condition whereby a person temporarily stops breathing while sleeping. Studies revealed that one out of every two people with type 2 diabetes is also at the risk of having sleep apnea.
Those diagnosed with sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes have a high chance of dying from diabetes complications like stroke and heart attack. Therefore, treating sleep apnea could also reduce the risk of death from type 2 diabetes.

Manage your stress well

Those who have poor stress management often find it difficult to control their blood sugar level. Try to relax more, practice yoga, massage therapy, and meditation. Also, avoid drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks, and don’t eat spicy foods at night.

All these are ways to treat type 2 diabetes, and you should ensure you visit your doctor regularly for a check-up.

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