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Type 2 diabetes cause

Diabetes is a long-term disease which has to do with the way your body handles glucose in your blood. Type 2 diabetes is common among men and women globally. The United States is one of the countries with the highest number of people living with type 2 diabetes with about 27 million people. The high number of people living with type 2 diabetes makes us research and find the causes of type 2 diabetes.


Insulin is produced in your pancreas, and it’s responsible for converting the glucose from food into energy for body use.

Type 2 diabetic patients produce insulin in their pancreas. But their body cells are unable to utilize it as much as they should. This phenomenon is known as insulin resistance.

The pancreas initially produces more insulin to supply more glucose for the body but it’s unable to maintain constant supply, and this leads to the accumulation of glucose in the blood.

Factors that contribute to type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is often caused by several factors or a combination of factors which includes:

Obesity and Overweight

Obesity and overweight can lead to insulin resistance; this is more likely when you have more belly fat. Obesity and overweight are known to affect adults, but now that we have childhood obesity the chance of type 2 diabetes affecting kids and teens is high.

Metabolic syndrome

Those diagnosed with resistance to insulin also have a lot of metabolic disorders such as storing of fat around the waist region, accumulation of glucose in the bloodstream leading to high blood glucose, high blood pressure, and high fat and cholesterol.

Too much sugar from your liver

Low blood sugar causes the liver to produce glucose and sends it out for body use. After meals, your blood sugar rises. And most times the liver process will be slowed down while its glucose will be stored for later use. However, some people’s livers do not slow down in the production of glucose as they keep increasing its production which eventually causes too much sugar from the liver.

Bad communication between cells

Sometimes wrong signals are being sent to the cells or messages not correctly picked up. These could result in a problem with the way your cells utilize glucose or insulin which could trigger the case of diabetes.

Broken beta cells

If you have broken beta cells (cells that control your insulin). Your insulin production will malfunction and send out the wrong information which will lead to high blood glucose. If this is prolonged, it will lead to diabetes.


Recent research into the cause of type 2 diabetes found out that DNA could affect how the body produces insulin.

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