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Diabetes symptoms in men

The chance of men developing diabetes is slightly higher in men than in women. The symptom of diabetes is almost the same as men and women but with slight specifics to men. Some of these symptoms are common to men and women with diabetes.

Increased Thirst

You may feel constant thirst and feel the need to drink more water. The ideal amount of daily water intake for an adult is about 2 liters. But for a suspected diabetic patient he would exceed this amount of daily water intake.

Frequent urination

Frequent urination is one of the important signs of a diabetic patient, and you may spend most of your time going to the toilet. This will further affect your sleep pattern and cause other health issues.

Lack of energy

Men who have diabetes often lack the needed energy for daily activities. They easily get tired even after simple activities which are different from the way they do before.

Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss is another symptom to look out for in diabetic men. This is most common among those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Most men also experience a sudden reduction in muscle mass and strength when they have diabetes. This is caused due to the glucose level which is abnormally high in the blood. Because calories are being lost from sugars excreted from the bloodstream your body will be unable to utilize it to power the cells. This is what leads to fatigue and weight loss.

Symptoms associated with men

Most of the symptoms associated with only men are sexually related such as:

Erectile dysfunction

Men with diabetes often experience erectile dysfunction which is the inability to maintain erection leading to sexual inactivity. Erectile dysfunction (ED) could be early symptoms noticeable among younger men with diabetes. This occurs as the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis region are ruptured due to the high sugar level in the bloodstream. When such happens, it will reduce the blood flow to the penis thereby causing erectile dysfunction.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is the reduction in the amount of semen discharged during ejaculation. It may be mixed with urine because the sperm passed through the urinary bladder instead of the tip of the penis. This comes as a result of the abnormal workings of the urethra muscles whereby semen is not channeled in the right direction. One of the causes of retrograde ejaculation is high blood sugar level.

Urinary problems

A diabetic patient could experience difficulty with urination or feel the frequent urge to urinate. The bladder may be hyperactive or too weak to empty the bladder of urine. High blood sugar in diabetes is the major cause of this damage to nerves around the bladder. If this is not treated on time, it could lead to infections of the urinary tract and overall reduce one’s quality of life.
These are some of the most prominent symptoms of diabetes in the male. Once, any of these symptoms are observed you need to visit your doctor.

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